We strive to be a well established real estate company, and our success along the path is underpinned by our technological expertise, operational excellence, quality services and unwavering ethical standards.

We give quality resources to understand our customers’ expectations and ensure that their expectations and our performance are the same .Wherever we do, we look to maintain a trained workforce, world -class quality products and equipments and a skilled supervisory team.

Careful management of our target performance, through a focus on operational excellence, is an essential responsibility for our company. Our operational management system helps us to align our professional priorities with our business objectives and allows us to find new areas of working.

Cosmos Infra engineering (India) Private Limited, today has attained the status of being undisputed leader in the real estate sector .It is all because of our 3 QM’s philosophy....Quality men. Quality machines and Quality materials. The use of these resources in a balanced and efficient way is the key of our success.

But when considering a part of such substantial company, there are many things to think about. These are...
1. We have the knowledge and expertise to do the allotted work.
2. We have new ideas that no one else is doing.
3. We have trust in my team and know the goal.
4. We have learnt the customer’s choices and preferences.

When you have these four, then only you can fulfill the customer’s expectations. Looking back to 1987 when I started, I had a dream to establish a company which does amazing things, building wonderful and cozy apartments, commercial spaces, malls, infrastructure and above all turning customer’s dreams come true.

I am very proud to say that Cosmos has such an astonishing team which is not only dedicated to the company’s philosophy but also sensitive towards the customers and thus resulting into a great experience of approx. three decades.

Vinod Mittal

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